Everyday Starting Today

by Eggboy



dEE31 of dOCUMENTO Records

Instruments used in these instant recordings: Yamaha Portasound PSS-470, Casio Tonebank, Fostex X-14 multitracker, fake blue Ludwig drums, brush sticks, tablas, an RA (Raon) 60 amp, Hot Cabs, Sans Amp, Ibanez flanger, Boss delay, DOD digital delay, DOD wah pedal, several karaoke mics, a Shure mic, Sony DAT walkman, Electric guitars: a white Dan Electro and a wood finish Carvin strat, Basses: a black Lumanog SG bass and a silver custom bass.


released December 31, 2002

Eggboy is Diego Rosano P. Mapa
All songs written and performed by Eggboy
Recorded and Engineered by Eggboy
Track #8, Everyday, mastered by Raimund Marasigan at Barefoot Kitchen, Marikina

Everyday Starting Today produced by Eggboy and dOCUMENTO Records 2003
Original design by Eggboy, Redesigned by Ernest Concepcion



all rights reserved


dOCUMENTO Records Brooklyn, New York

dOCUMENTO Records was formed by Ernest Concepcion and Mads Adrias in Manila, Philippines, 1999. It was grant-funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). These are some of the rare cd releases during the label's short lifespan. Ernest currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and plans to revive dOCUMENTO in the near future. ... more

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Track Name: Nagsasawa ka na ba?
Nagsasawa Ka Na Ba?

Nagsasawa ka na ba sa araw-araw?
Kasi kung gusto mo na, Ayaw nang ipilit pa.
Nasasakal ka na ba sa paghanap ko sa yo?
Kasi sabihin mo na, Ayaw nang umasa pa.
Kayang-kaya, walang abala.
Nagsasawa ka na ba sa araw-araw?
Sige ayos lang, Sana wala kang iba.
Track Name: Details

I can still remember all the details.
I can still remember the look in your eyes.
And then, suddenly in the dark, suddenly a spark.
Just don't understand, instantly holding hands.
Longing forever, how clever.
Suddenly I got you, never though I'd have you.
Planning for ages, endless stages.
Suddenly I got you, never though I'd have you.
Changing forever, stuck in the gutter.
Suddenly I got you, never though I'd have you.
Running for ages, living in cages.
Suddenly I got you, never though I'd have you.
Track Name: Lost With You
Lost With You

Long day, nothing to do.
Long roads in the sun.
Wrong ways.
Good to get lost with you.
Time left hours ago.
Staring at the window, running late.
Good to get lost with you.
Couldn't believe that this could be us two.
At first I thought it all was just a dream, come true.
Brought something to wear.
Then you could use my sweater.
Missing maps.
Good to get lost with you.
Track Name: Wag Magalala
Wag Magalala

Lalayas at babalik.
Basta mawala kahit konti.
Sana wag hanapin.
Kalimutan kahit sandali.
Wag magalala, paalis na nga, pauwi na nga.
Nagagalit pag dumating, wala naman gagawin.
Ayaw bitawan.
Pinaghirapan, pinahihirapan.
Track Name: Get It Over
Get It Over

That's why I tell you, do you wanna know?
Don't ask the TV star 'cause she's always on the go.
When the day breaks, beat it, I don't want to sin.
Get the fuck out, coming from within.
Get it over.
Who do you think you are barging with you bibi gun?
Don't leave your shit here 'cause my daddy's on the run.
Ok great, you want me to undress, do this position and get on with the sex.
Track Name: Everyday

I'm gonna change for the better.
Gonna do my best for everyone.
Yeah I'm gonna do it for you.
Yes I'll do it for you.
Everyday, everyday starting today.
Gonna set, gonna set, gonna set myself free.
Free from all of my lies.
Free from all of my unending lies.
You're gonna see, nothing's more degrading, than degrading yourself.
Hate to admit it's my mistake.
Now I can breath.
Now I can be myself again.
Track Name: Closer

Do you mind if I get closer?
Just be honest if I'm going too fast.
Just want to make this last.
This time I'll be better than your past.
I'm afraid the temperature's gone colder.
Now I'm thinking if I should stay.
Could I last another day?
Did I miss out something along the way?
Track Name: Spread The Love
Spread The Love

Spread the love.
Tell me what I need to hear right now.
Tell me all I don't need to fear.
And say it again.
I can't hide can never pretend.
Say it one more time.
I'll be keeping an open mind.
Spread the love.
Tell it close to my ear right now.
Tell me all I must reveal.
And say it again.
Tell it a hundred and ten! (I think)
I'm falling apart, you took a piece of me.